Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sweet Sunday

 June 16th - 22nd
Our walk went so well last week without the infant car seat popped into the stroller that we took it to the zoo sans car seat. She was so much happier. She can look around and watch everybody, so she didn't fuss to get out after a few minutes.

I'm not sure Turtle saw this pretty lady, but she was hanging out nearby.

 Last time Turtle wasn't a fan of the chilly water. This time we did a loop around the zoo first so she was hot enough to enjoy the refreshing water. Success!

All cooled off and happy. 

I finally remembered to bring my camera over to Turtle's Godfather's house.

Turtle loves the puppies - Delilah and Yoda. Yoda couldn't resist giving kisses. He was a slithery sneak about it too. Turtle loved the heck out of it though.

We are spending a ton of time on the nursery floor now that there is some space to sit. I feel like we go in spurts. When we got the bumbo, all we did was sit in it. When she was big enough for the jumperoo, all we did was play in it. Now all we do is hang out on the floor. Makes for boring pictures, here let me show you another 20 floor pictures...

Little tongue.

Trying to climb onto my lap.

I reorganized all her clothes and tried on all her hats to see what still fit. I'm not really big into baby accessories, but I about died from cuteness overload when I put this little headband on her. Plus, her face on the right cracks me up. I was knocking on the laundry basket, and she went slack jawed.
I think she enjoyed her first chicken paprikash.

Turtle's Godmother came over for a visit, and Turtle decided to take a little over a 2 hour nap. Something completely unprecedented. And, she has been going an hour and a half since then. Who is this kid? And, on top of longer naps she has been taking two predictable ones a day. I don't even know what to do with myself. Obviously Silvana worked some voodoo magic, thanks!

Oh see, we went in the jumperoo some too. It is even up to the 2 position, aka a little bit higher. But, she needs a little cushion to jump. So she is growing into it.

The dogs hang out with us on the floor sometimes too. Lizzy is so chill. Turtle was trying her best to take a bite out of her back and then tail, and Lizzy couldn't have cared less. She didn't actually nom on her though...just pulled and grabbed. We're working on 'nice puppy'.

 When Turtle's Godmother came over, she came bearing gifts - this super precious polka dot dress and bathing suit, and we all know I love polka dots!

I couldn't resist adding this one in. She looks so damn relaxed. Legs sprawled, belly sticking out, laying down, casually chewing on tags. By the way, she loves chewing on tags, but she finds the actual tag on her taggie blanket to chew on instead of all those other tags...picky.

 "Now go do my bidding, minions!"

Aunty Laura gifted Turtle this Pride & Prejudice babylit book for Valentine's Day (I think). We'll have her reading the full version in no time!

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