Tuesday, June 4, 2013

6th Month Favourites

Floor Mats - These are so nice with tile flooring. I feel much more comfortable letting Turtle practice sitting on them. I know if she falls over it won't hurt nearly as much as if she did the same on the tile. And, eventually when she starts to pull herself up to standing she won't break her tail bone falling back on the tile. All good things in my book. The cat, however, thinks it is a big scratch pad just for him.

Boon Flair High Chair - At the start of the month, I loved the high chair because I could put Turtle in it, give her something entertaining to play with, and make breakfast. My favourite meal of the day. She'd be able to watch me and I'd be able to keep an eye on her, and it rolls around anywhere very easily. Now that Turtle is a few days into solids, this high chair is the easiest thing to clean up. The tray is an easy wash, the blue pad is lifted off for a quick shake over the trash can and a wipe, and the whole seat is a smooth surface of easy cleaning. There are no nooks and crannys, there is nothing to strip off and put in the washing machine, it is simple, simple, simple. I love it.

Breathable Mesh Crib Liner -  This is so helpful in the peace of mind department. Now that Turtle is in her crib, we are working on her sleeping all the way through the night. But, it is hard to let her soothe herself when she wiggles her legs between the bars of the crib. This liner prevents that, and she seems to enjoy propping her feet up on them too.

Sassy Wonder Wheel - When Turtle is in her high chair, I rotate through her toys. But, the wonder wheel is always there so I have something to attach her links to. For example, if she is playing with her keys I'll link them to the wonder wheel then I don't have to pick them off the floor constantly. So, even if she isn't in the mood to bite or spin the wheel, it is still serving a purpose. One negative is that the suction doesn't last for a very long time and Turtle can eventually yank it off.

O'Ball Rattle - I think she enjoys playing with this ball because it is really easy to grasp. But, there is something extra special about it that makes it fun for everybody. I haven't a clue what that is, but it got passed around and passed around when Turtle's aunt sent it down to her. The whole house wanted to play with it. Turtle seems to like it the most though. She licks it and waves it around like a mad woman and slams it into the high chair tray.

Neutrogena Pure & Free Baby Sunblock - It's not exactly the type of sunblock that makes it a favourite, but sunblock in general. Although, I don't have anything negative to say about the Neutrogena either, I like it. But, living in Florida, sunblock is an absolute must-have. One time Turtle's elbow got a little patch of red from the sun, and I felt like a terrible mommy. So, I always make sure to apply and reapply more carefully now. Her hat is also always with us too.

BabyLit Pride & Prejudice - This was one of my favourite books last month to read to Turtle. My favourite book is Pride and Prejudice, so it is only natural that I love this book. I saw the Romeo and Juliet version at the store - not as cute. However, I've never read Romeo and Juliet. But, BabyLit has a nice little collection of classics so if they have a version of a classic you love, my bet is you will enjoy reading it to your baby too.

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