Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wished For Registry Items

I've found myself saying man, I wish I had this or that over the course of that last almost 6 months. Or, cursing something I do have that turned out to be a pain in the rear. And, I took notes so I could pass along a few things I think would help make the newborn months easier.

Baby bathtubs
I have the Prince Lionheart washPOD. And, it is absolutely impossible to wash a baby that can't support his or her own neck. Unless you have at least 3 hands. You need to support your newborn in an upright position, support his/her neck, and then you also need to be able to wash him/her. I put Turtle in the pod for her first bath and I had a hell of a time keeping her upright, I couldn't even wash her. Plus, she sits all cocooned in a bucket making it hard to reach all her pieces parts, and some of them are submerged. Somebody thought this was a good idea?
I tried it again when she had control of her neck and I still couldn't wash her. I needed both hands to keep her upright. All she wanted to do was stick her little legs up in the air and slide her head down to the bottom. So, again both my hands were occupied keeping her from drowning and there was no way I could wash her. I think she may have enjoyed fooling around in it, but it wasn't getting the job of cleaning her done. I would not recommend any bucket type bath tubs.
So, if I could go back in time I would add a different baby bathtub to my registry. A bathtub that works for a newborn - a no neck control floppy little bundle of cute. Instead of the pod, I wash Turtle in the bathroom sink. And, it is sometimes tricky. I have to make sure she doesn't hit her head on the spout or the edge, and the sink is slippery. And, it gets trickier as she gets bigger and feistier. She will soon be transitioning into her 6-month+ tub, so buying a newborn bathtub wouldn't be worth the money this late in the game. But, having one from that beginning is high up on my dammit I wish we had done that differently list.
The Puj Tub,the Blooming Bath, and the 4moms Cleanwater Tub all look like they would make sink washing much easier. I prefer to use the sink during the newborn stage because I have zero desire to kneel on the bathroom floor and lean over the edge of a tub, my back gets sore enough as it is. And, all three of these are designed to be used in a sink.
The 4moms Clearwater Tub ($50) takes care of monitoring the water temperature for you and keeps baby in clean water. However, it is somewhat big without any fold away storage options, and the water is constantly running for the duration of the bath. The Puj Tub ($45) can hang flat to dry and store. But, I believe the water needs to constantly run as well and it looks like it sits pretty high in the sink. The Blooming Bath ($40) will fit any sink and sits low enough that you can fill the sink up with water for a bath. Although, when bath time is over you need to air dry it or toss it in the dryer, and it looks like it takes up a bit more room than the Puj. When I give Turtle her sink bath the water runs almost constantly, so that isn't a huge concern of mine. The storage, however, is. I don't have the first clue where I would put the 4moms Clearwater Tub, although it looks pretty awesome.
Without actually having tried out any of these tubs, I would give the edge to the Blooming Bath. It is cute as hell, super comfortable and soft, and I would have room to hang it up to air dry or the time to toss it in the dryer (it claims to take a quick 15 minutes to dry in the dryer). Using the Blooming Bath would have allowed the use of both of my hands to wash and comfort Turtle, and I very much wish I had it instead of the pod.

Video Monitor
I don't have a monitor at all. Well actually, I have some type of Safety 1st audio monitor. But, it doesn't work well - constant static, enough said.
What I would love to have is a video monitor. Especially now that Turtle is in her crib. When she was in her Rock N Play (all of two and a half weeks ago) having a monitor system wasn't really a necessity. I could hear her just fine from the bedroom, and I could tell from her cries when something was wrong (which is scary as hell by the way, and has only happened twice). But, she couldn't get into any trouble. Now when she wakes up in the middle of the night she rolls and wiggles herself into the crib corners, and before we got mesh bumpers there was that one time she got her legs stuck out of the slats. It would be so soothing to know she is not banging her head up against the wood or she didn't get something stuck above the mesh bumpers without having to go in and check. It would be great to visually see what she is doing to gauge what action I should take. Does she need rescuing or some time to self-soothe, etc.
I've heard good things about the Summer Infant Slim and Secure Handheld Color Video Monitor ($100-120). Check out what Mommy Loves Coffee has to say about it, since I couldn't even begin to describe it - um, it is square and has a screen. I wish I had put this on my registry, especially since it will be useful for years to come. I think I need to talk the hubs into getting one.

Baby Carrier
I have a Mei Tai baby carrier, and it is a shame that Turtle isn't more fond of it. I found it comfortable and well made, but Turtle isn't the biggest fan of facing inward when she is held. She wouldn't let anybody hold her that way for weeks. So, facing her forward in a carrier pisses her off royally.
In hindsight, I should have put a more versatile baby carrier on my registry. One that allows baby to sit facing outward as well as inward. There are several out there, but I've heard good things about the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Original ($80) and the Beco Gemini ($130). Turtle is mostly at the end of her carrier phase, but I wish I would have had one of these from the start.

Swings & Things
The only baby containing devices we had were the Rock N Play, which lived in the bedroom, and the bouncer. And, Turtle was not content in the bouncer until she was a little bigger. But, even now it is not something she will stay in for a long chunk of time - just long enough to get a few things done.
Some people suggest getting a bouncer and a swing, or figuring out which one baby prefers and then purchasing that one. But, if I could go back I would get a mamaRoo ($200-240). It combines a swing and a bouncer and then some. The mamaRoo was designed to move like a parent does when soothing a baby, and I've heard rave reviews about this thing. Turtle is probably 3 seconds away from being too big for one, but I'd want one just for those 3 seconds. The mamaRoo would have been on the must-have registry list, if I had known about it.
Something else I have on my wish I had that list is the nuna Leaf ($220). The mamaRoo is just for the first few months, up to 25 pounds. But, the nuna Leaf is built to last for-ev-er, up to 130 pounds minus a gap between sitting and walking (for safety reasons). It does not use batteries or plug in, awe-some. Instead it sways, like a leaf, when you push it into motion.

Night light
There is no night light in the nursery. I have the tiny light on the itzbeen, but that is not enough for middle of the night diaper changes. So, when I need to change Turtle when it is dark I have to turn on the light and blind her, and myself. It would be nice to have a softer light to turn on, just bright enough to see what I am doing. The only reason we don't have one is because I couldn't find one I liked. I read so many mixed reviews that I let it slide to the back burner, where it has remained since I was still pregnant. Any suggestions?

Second Base for the Infant Car Seat
Straight forward enough. It would be convenient to have a base in every vehicle. Installing the actual car seat would be a pain every time you needed to use that other vehicle. We thought about getting a second one, it just never came to be. Now I wish we had gotten around to it from the get go.

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