Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

You know that saying: it takes a village? 
Well, I'd like to say thank you and happy mother's day to my village. So many wonderful mom's gave me hugs, always had the good donuts around, let me practically live at their homes, helped me with homework, brought me along on trips to Six Flags/Savannah/Disney/South Carolina/Vermont/etc, and showed me great examples of motherly love. I always felt like a surrogate daughter with all my friends' mothers. 
And, of course my grandmother, who raised me, and my mom. My grandmother always had the best stories and made me paprikash and would rub my back when I wasn't feeling well and drove me to school every morning. My mom always let me attach myself to her like white on rice when she came to visit and we would have such fun together. Being a mother is the most draining and rewarding thing I've ever experienced. Turtle is the most frustrating little thing I've ever loved with all my heart, she brings me such joy and exhaustion daily. I hope to be just like all these women for my daughter. And, I hope her village will be just as fantastic.

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