Sunday, May 19, 2013

Blog Every Day In May :: Five Faves

This is what I get for not reading through all the prompts before starting this challenge. Instead of professing love for a blogger friend on day 5, I listed a bunch of favourite blogs. Oh hey look, that is today's topic. So, instead I will share five new (to me) blogs I just stumbled across that are fabulous.

On day 5's post I mentioned that I was following 79 blogs, now 13 days later I am following 101. I probably have some sort of condition. But, that just means I have plenty of fabulous new blogs to pick from. I've discovered so many new blogs doing the Blog Every Day In May challenge, although I don't even think any of these 5 blogs are participating. I found them by clicking one blog link after another - a blog within a blog within a blog.

So, here are five new blogs I already insta-love.

Kisses & Croissants
Kisses and Croissants - Patricia did a study abroad program in France, where she met and fell in love with her husband. How cute is that? She blogs about her adventures as an American in France. And, she has a weakness for ice cream - oh hello, me too! It is always nice to find a kindred ice cream-aholic.

Glitter and Grace - I was jumping around to a bunch of different blog links when I stopped on Glitter and Grace. It was the gold glitter blog header than grabbed my attention. Then it was the cowgirl-esque outfits from Sara's Stagecoach 2013 post that kept it. I'm a sucker for cute outfits, even though my post-pregnancy closet consists of one pair of shorts and five tank tops.

Love Taza - I mentioned Love Taza in my Good Reads post, but this blog has won my love even more since then so I thought it deserved another shout-out. First of all her two kids are beyond cute, and second she has such fun posts out and about in NYC. I've never been much of a city girl, but she makes it look so colourful.

Ohdeardrea - I don't even know how she does it. Her blog feels calm and serene while also being full of life and vibrant - all at the same time. It is very real feeling and whimsical. She blogs about her family, which has had its ups and downs, her creative life, and veganism. While I am definitely not in any way shape or form a vegan, her pictures are so beautiful I almost want to be.

We Took the Road Less Traveled
We Took The Road Less Traveled - Casey is a military wife and expat blogger living in Germany. I found her blog a day or two before she took a Mediterranean cruise, so even though the content has been mostly guest posts I've still been drawn to her blogging personality. She has a weiner dog named Tucker; I love weiner dogs! And, she seems bubbly, upbeat, and full of life.

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