Tuesday, April 9, 2013

St. Paddy's Day - Also Known As Just Another Day With Green Accents

We went all out for St. Patrick's Day...well, we wore green. And by we, I mean Turtle wore green. My effort extended as far as grabbing a pair of green panty-loons. The hubs wore one of his Guinness shirts. I had purchased a wobbly leprechaun hat headband type thing with the plan of using it as a cute picture prop, but completely forgot about it. Dammit.
 There was also a beach trip. But, the ocean breeze ended up being chillier than anticipated. So, we basically took a short stroll and snapped a handful of pictures before heading back home again.
I almost made cottage pie. Until laziness got the better of me and I made burgers instead. Can't you just feel the enthusiasm and effort I put into this holiday? Really I couldn't think of anything very festive this year. Turtle is a wee bit too young for the green beer. Maybe when she is 3. No? I couldn't make her any green themed shamrock shaped food, because she isn't eating solids yet. Maybe next year I will think of something more exciting. I can dazzle Turtle with some green waffles, or something...

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