Tuesday, April 16, 2013

March Madness! (Without the Basketball)

Turtle in March.
Turtle's super awesome Auntie sent her a jumperoo way back in October. I finally got to pull it out when she hit the three month mark. The first time we put her in it she was a wee bit unsure. Pretty much deer in the headlights bewilderment going on.
The very next day when I put her in it she was all smiles. I couldn't get her to take her hands away from her sides, but she watched the lights dance and stared at the little monkey. She's my little shorty so I needed to plop the Star Wars Monopoly underneath her dangling legs. She is too cute bopping away in there now that she can push with her toes. The cat hasn't been thrilled with the placement of the noisy thing next to his cuddle corner though.
Turtle's godmother came for a visit and brought the sweetest bunny footed sleeper. I'm still not over how cute the tail is. I love it, love it, love it! This one is my favourite to put Turtle in; I'll be sad when she outgrows it.
The bumbo tends to get passed over now that the jumperoo is an option. But, when I remember, Turtle and I have the loveliest (if you define lovely as can't sing a lick or remember half the lyrics) sing-a-longs together. When she is in the jumperoo I get passed over for the yellow monkey.
On her first trip to the beach, Turtle didn't get to eat any sand so this time she made sure to wiggle her fingers in the sand while mom and dad were distracted with her new hat. And, naturally those fingers go straight in the mouth. 
She gets such a serious look on her face by the ocean - I'd love to know what is going through her mind. Contemplative baby pondering life...

Sometimes tears happen - mainly when she isn't being walked around outside. But, she makes such an adorable pout face it isn't possible to resist.
But, thankfully many more smiles. It melts my heart each and every time she smiles. They are contagious - so much love for this little girl!
The beagle still isn't sure about the new hairless screaming puppy (he is in for a big shock when she gets mobile), but LG has taken to her just fine especially if it means extra snuggles and more pets. Turtle absolutely loves watching these two.
I super love her big padded colourful butt in her new cloth diapers. Especially the bubblegum pink one, I'm sure she is going to end up hating pink after all the pink I surround her with. But, since she has no say in the matter yet...bring on the pink!
I can't even believe how quickly time is going by, and how much she has changed already. I look back at her first pictures and get teary remembering how teeny she was and how cuddly. I spend all day with her, but as soon as I crawl into bed I wish I was snuggled up with her. I'm quite fond of her!

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