Thursday, April 11, 2013

Here Comes Peter Cottontail...

...hopping down the bunny trail HIPPITY HOPPITY Easter's on its way!!!

So, is it hippity hoppity or is it hippity hoppin'? Because I double checked the lyrics on google and the internet waffles between these two choices. I always thought it was hoppity, but now I can hear both options in my head and they both sound right. Now it is going to irk me forever, or at least next Easter when the song pops into my head again.
Easter happened to fall on my birthday this year. And, I didn't like it one bit. Instead of a relaxing day being fanned with big leaves (or sitting on my bum with the ceiling fan on), I was baking and cooking and frosting and kneading and dying (the eggs) and feeding the wee one. The hubs took over the entertaining and the walking and the holding of Turtle so I could get my cook on in the kitchen. And, that all would have been lovely if it was only Easter. But, having a baby is exhausting and Turtle sucks at taking naps for longer than 20 minutes and absolutely hates sitting still. So, my days are full of cuddles and sore feet and heart melting grins and an aching lower back and endlessly walking. Short story long...I would have preferred a separation of the two and a nice lazy day for my birthday that cut out sore feet and back aches. I'd say next year, but everything will be different next year and Turtle won't be demanding walks while facing away from me being held on my left side outside for hours (right?) next year I'll probably want something completely different. Maybe a trip to a room where there is zero noise and a really soft bed or a day at Disney!

::yada yada whine fest over::

I had planned on dying eggs the day before Easter, but I ended up being too busy prepping in the kitchen so I decided to put it off until Easter day. Just not enough hours in the day on occasion, and too many sometimes. The hubs had off work on Easter so he got to be around for Turtle's first egg dying too. It worked out for the best in the end. Turtle was mesmerized by all the colourful glasses and she got to sit on daddy's knee.
Easter was mostly filled with food making. Normally we do a full out Thanksgiving style dinner with all the fixings, but I knew that was too involved this year to be enjoyable. I finally landed on pot pies. A simple dish that we love that I don't often make. And, I decided to make the pie dough from scratch instead of the usual store bought. For some reason pie dough was intimidating to me, but it ended up being super easy and it tasted amazing - totally made the pot pie. I also made a banana cream pie for dessert, which turned out not to be my thing - it was tasty but the custard was meh, the crust was my favourite part (homemade goodness). I always thought that they were made with pudding, and nilla wafers. Maybe I am getting my desserts mixed up. I also made brioche, but while it had a good taste the texture was plain odd. I bet it would be amazing made into french toast or bread pudding though. Now that I think about it maybe I will do just that...
Turtle's yia-yia (paternal side) sent her several giant boxes full of clothes. She has four boys, so she is over the moon excited about her first grandchild being a little girl to buy clothes for. She sent several frilly poofy dresses, so I took a look through the big box full of clothes Turtle hasn't grown into yet and pulled out the smallest frilly poofy dress for Easter. It was two sizes too big, but it is a dress and Turtle isn't mobile yet so it didn't matter a jot. I'm a bit bummed I didn't make enough time to take more pictures of her in it though. Things had to get in the oven.
While Turtle's yia-yia lives way up yonder in Pennsylvania and hasn't seen her yet, Turtle's grandma lives down the street and stopped by to deliver some things the Easter bunny left at her place. There was a breathable plush puppy rattle, a crinkly monkey chewie, and a pink bear that sings and probably a whole bunch of other things that we haven't discovered yet. They all came in a pretty box that now has all of Turtle's little toys and rattles in it. That bunny is smart, I was in the market for a storage container to shove them all in. Perfect.

The Easter bunny was also super helpful and came back the day after Easter to hide the eggs that Turtle helped dye. Baby girl and I hunted all over the place to find them. The bunny sure picked odd spots to hide some eggs. Like on top of the lamp chimney so that when I went to pick it up it slipped down inside on top of the light bulb. Or, in chandeliers that I'm not tall enough to reach.
Turtle and I found one hidden in the pistachio basket. She thought it was a shitty spot so she spit up breakfast on top of the whole thing.
The focus of the day was definitely Easter - although I did have a birthday cake martini after Turtle went to bed. So, birthday business got pushed to the next day. My ma-ma's birthday and mine are a day apart so we usually celebrate together and go out to dinner at our favourite Mexican restaurant. But, they only open for dinner and the times weren't convenient for Turtle's feeding and bedtime routine. We decided to try another Mexican restaurant that had lunch hours instead - where I should have brought my camera along to, what was I thinking.

Like I mentioned Turtle doesn't like to sit still, so I was worried she'd get fussy and somebody would end up walking her around outside. By somebody I mean the hubs. But, she was a little angel. She hung out in her car seat for a bit and when she got annoyed at that she sat on my lap while I shoved queso in my mouth. Then I traded her off to the hubs when he finished his burrito so I could eat mine. She just watched everybody else and studied the bright tabletop before falling asleep in dad's arms. Worried for nothing - love it!
We all came back home for cookie cake, also part of the kitchen to-do list the day before Easter and Easter, and chillaxin'. My ma-ma got me a pink hair straightener, yay - my old one was complete crap. My grandma got me (us) a family membership to the zoo, which I am way excited to take Turtle to. Hubs got me a couple much needed bras and my birthday cake martini. We also took a quick trip to the beach before bathtime. A much more relaxing day for a birthday!
What I really need to remember to do is plan shit out.  Those pot pies could have been made ahead of time and frozen, and I could have gotten a cookie cake from Mrs. Fields, which I prefer anyway because I can't duplicate their chocolate frosting. I'm on my fourth frosting trial, and all have fallen short. Although making the cookie dough flavoured frosting was a huge win. There is a holiday lull until the Fourth of July now, so maybe I should start planning for that immediately...

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