Sunday, April 28, 2013

April Showers Bring Spring Flowers - week four

April 21st - 27th

Earth Day walking! There is a local nature walk that I've actually never gone to, and we weren't tempted to go to before because you can't take dogs. Since Turtle likes walks, we decided to check it out on Earth Day. It is a nice little 1/2 mile walk - lots of shade. Turtle takes nature very seriously.

Nature really makes you sleepy. It even rubbed off on LB, who stayed at home.

Behold, a smile! This is the first one we've gotten from her at the beach. Good beaching day too, pleasantly toasty. Turtle got her legs wet and then she kicked a nice hole in the sand. Daddy was impressed.

 We've been getting quality tummy time in lately. She waits whole minutes before getting pissed off.

Daddy has been anticipating the shoulder sitting from day one. Now she is big enough to enjoy it. The past times he's tried, she has been like what the hell is this?

After picking up a package of links and attaching crinkle monkey to her bouncer - that doesn't bounce anymore because somebody (me) is too lazy to go find new batteries - Turtle has been enjoying her bouncer more.

It is official, we have toesies! She was laying there just this morning sucking away on them while I was diapering.

Our tiny Irish dancer. She stomps her little leg when standing, and does a mean butt wiggle.

Look! More peaceful tummy time. It's like invasion of the pod baby. Before she'd scream immediately. Now she's gone as much as seven minutes being completely lovely.

 I stuff her cloth diapers right in front of her so she will look up to watch what's going on.

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