Saturday, April 27, 2013

April Showers Bring Spring Flowers - week three

April 15th - 21st
Enjoying the early morning while watching the dogs meander around the yard.

I still hate this tub. I gave it a few tries at various stages, but it sucks. Well, it is fine if you don't actually want to wash your baby. They can sit and be wet and you can sit and hold them being wet. But, try sitting, holding, being wet, and attempting to suds up a baby in water in a bucket. I must not be talented enough for this tub. So, we sat and splashed in the water, then got a real bath in the sink.

Surrounded by her best zoo friends.

She really goes to town in this thing nowadays. She can rotate the doo-dads, and fling the ma-bobs, and tug the thingies too.

We started off with some tummy time and then nap time encroached. It is exhausting laying down - I'm telling ya. Mommy got to sit and do nothing since only the camera was within reach.

Both the hubs and Turtle watching whatever movie I put on. Might have been Independence Day. Will Smith is the bee's knees.
Proof that a smile happened during tummy time.

But, just the one.

Sitting with one-handed assistance and bonus noms.

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