Wednesday, April 23, 2014

It's the Little Things :: 11

One of the goodies that the Easter Bunny left was a water table for Aria. I'd planned on having a water table this spring/summer for months, so it is pretty nice of EB to bring it for her. To me playing outside in the water is the quintessence of childhood. I have so many memories of running through the sprinklers with my cousins as a kid, or splashing around by the ocean, or having a ball in one of those small kiddie pools. It is just one of those simple pleasures you experience as a kid that I'd imagine is a pretty universal thing.

Aria has been a water baby from her very first bath so I just knew she would have a blast with any type of water play. Since it was in the 60s on Easter, and way too cold for us Floridians to be playing in water, we had to wait a day to break in the water table. And, it was everything I'd been hoping for. Aria was a little wary of the whole thing at first, but then warmed right up to it as soon as she realized she got to make a big mess. Plus, she couldn't be any cuter in her new bathing suit the EB also tucked in her basket.

We waited for dada to come home from work and splish splashed until dinner time. It was fun for everybody, because when your kid is delighted it is impossible not to be delighted yourself (even if that is the delight of throwing cucumbers on the floor when you really shouldn't and mama and dada just told you not too...sometimes you just can't resist that naughty grin). Naturally I captured a little video of it, take a look.
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Monday, April 21, 2014

The Easter Bunny Came to Town

We Easter-ed hard yesterday. Just take a look!

A water table (that we couldn't break in because it was too cold...I live in Florida still, right?), popper, and bunny board books oh my!

It was too funny watching her chuck the eggs (the hard boiled eggs) into her basket, which naturally shattered their shells. I think she cracked over half of them. I even had to boil more eggs for deviled eggs to go with dinner. I think she enjoyed herself though, so that's what counts.

The Easter Bunny left Aria a new jug of bubbles. He must have seen her making her bubble noises every time she saw her bubble machine and granted her wish. Pretty nice bunny.

Aria's grandma came over in the afternoon because the EB left a basket at her house for Aria too.
Did you notice the many outfit changes of the day? That's all me, I practically change her clothes every diaper change just because I feel like it. And, I wonder why I have to do laundry constantly.
The outside egg hunt wasn't as successful as the inside egg hunt. Aria found a few eggs and after much convincing put them in her basket and then was over it. O-V-E-R it. I have the video to prove it.

During all of our other Easter festivities we also made a Thanksgiving style Easter feast. We had a turkey left over from the low price after holiday specials in the freezer, so instead of ham we made a turkey with all the fixings. I would have been fine with just 4 or 5 of the honey yeast rolls though, they're my fave.

So, basically we had a great day.

I hope yours was as full of fun and eggs and too much candy.
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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to you and yours!
I saw this on pinterest "Easter is the only time of the year when it is perfectly safe to put all your eggs in one basket." I thought it was too cute. Enjoy putting all your eggs in one basket today!
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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Disney Trip #1 - Aria's First Epcot Visit

I've made a little video of our Disney trip from last Saturday. I'm not 100% committed yet but I think that I will be documenting our Disney trips this way. Hopefully I will get better with the actual video taking part. I enjoyed filming little snippets throughout our time at the park. And, it was the first day of our annual pass so there is a whole year of Disney to look forward to and capture on film now. The video has a mix of still pictures and video, and it is just under 11 minutes long. So, if you are a Disney fan or just an Aria fan (who isn't?!) then please enjoy the video below. (Disclaimer: In the off chance you are planning on going to Epcot and doing the Easter egg hunt and you don't want all the fun ruined with spoilers don't watch until after your trip! k? k!)
This was our first trip with a baby. And, I'd estimate it was about 400 times harder than without one. We've always taken our trips with a go with the flow mindset. If a line was too long - skip it, or if it was too hot - let's just grab an ice cream and go home. There was nothing that we felt we absolutely had to do because we could always just come back another day. We didn't bring a whole lot with us and we did whatever we wanted at whatever pace we felt like. But, with a kid it is a whole new world. You have to literally pack your whole damn house and be very aware of their personality, attention span, schedule, and whims. I just made it sound like we had a terrible time, right? Really we didn't. Aria was awesome and I cried more than once just from watching her experience things in awe. Our main snafu was nap time. We thought that if she was in the stroller and moving that she would just fall asleep around her usual nap time, which is noon. But, that didn't happen at all. She finally passed out from exhaustion at 3:30 or so.

We felt like we were in limbo for those 3 hours. Do we try some rides? Should we let her run around or keep her in the stroller? Will she have enough patience for a line? I think she would have been good with rides and lines for a while after noon, and next time we will just let her run around until she needs a break. Hopefully now we have a better grasp of her napping needs and our next trips will be more go with the flow. And, perhaps only 300 times harder rather than 400 times. I have high hopes that by the time our annual pass runs out in a year we will be able to take Aria to Disney in our sleep (and have all the stroller parking spots memorized).

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