Friday, July 31, 2015

Summer Bucket List: Homemade Postcards

Sweet Turtle Soup - Summer Bucket List: Homemade Postcards
I love sending snail mail. It is just as good as getting some in return in my book. But, most of the mail Aria and I tend to send is around the holidays in the fall and winter. So I added on a mailing project for us to accomplish over the summer - homemade postcards!

I bought a stack of blank index cards, which are pretty flimsy so cutting cardstock into rectangles would have probably been a little better. They worked though. Aria did whatever she wanted on the one side, and on the other I wrote a little note and the address.

These little beauties are making their way across the country to Aria's buddies as I type. Now that is a fun mail day.
Sweet Turtle Soup - Summer Bucket List: Homemade Postcards
Sweet Turtle Soup - Summer Bucket List: Homemade Postcards
Sweet Turtle Soup - Summer Bucket List: Homemade Postcards
Sweet Turtle Soup - Summer Bucket List: Homemade Postcards

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Summer Reading Challenge - third check in

Stephanie, Elizabeth, and I are back today for the third check in for our Summer Reading Challenge - 12 books in 12 weeks. Just three weeks to go. Remember you need to have participated in the challenge as well as linked up at least once to be eligible for the giveaway on August 20th, the final check in.

We hit the jackpot with our children's book haul from the library over the past three weeks. Since I just pick what to borrow based on how the spine looks as I peruse the shelves we usually end up with quite a few duds. However, there were only a few this last trip - one of them was a book about trains that was pretty much a novel, a boring novel. The rest though were great. We enjoyed reading them so much we were checking off categories from the list left and right. I couldn't narrow it down to just three this week.

Here is what we've been reading:
eet Turtle Soup: Summer Reading Challenge - third check in
That leaves us with 6 more categories in the bunch. Since we hit our 12 books goal already our new goal will be checking off all the categories.
eet Turtle Soup: Summer Reading Challenge - third check in
Let us know how your summer reading has been going by linking up below!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

It's the Little Things: Christmas in July

I think it is pretty well established that I enjoy holidays and I dislike Florida summers. So what is a holiday loving gal suppose to do during the holiday drought that is summer? Celebrate Christmas in July!

You'd think I would go all out for the Fourth, but it really isn't my holiday at all. Barely a blip on my holiday radar.

However, when July hits I have a legit excuse to listen to carols and watch my favorite Christmas movies.

I'd never actually done much on the 25th before, but I felt like it would be a hoot to festive ourselves up for the day this year.

Aria had precisely zero problems with that.
Sweet Turtle Soup - It's the Little Things: Christmas in July
Sweet Turtle Soup - It's the Little Things: Christmas in July
When Aria woke up on Christmas in July morning I told her she could pick one of her fancy dresses to wear. I pointed out the Christmas ones to her and she went with glitter red (I'm still fighting the glitter infestation that came along with that choice). Naturally carols started up right away.

Then we dragged out the ceramic Christmas tree and Aria helped me put the whole thing together. I was pretty impressed because you put tiny holly leaves in each little hole then put even tinier berries in the leaf holes. We did this before anybody else woke up for the day so when Chris and great grandma woke up she proudly told them that she put the Christmas tree up 'all by herself' before adding in 'with mommy'.

For breakfast we had cinnamon rolls - from the store. I thought about making some with Aria but then decided to save that kind of ambition for the serious holidays.

I pulled down almost all of our Christmas books and the FP North Pole Cottage, well technically Chris got the FP down. So we played elves and read the day away.

At the end of the day Aria helped me put away all of the Christmas and she's been wondering when we get to do Christmas again ever since. That's my girl.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Love/Hate & A Giveaway!

Tagged by Sarah over at Foxy's Domestic Side for 10 things I love/hate.

I'll tag:
Jamie @ Cocktails & Carseats
Liz @ Chasin' Mason 
Amanda @ A GreatHouse Wife
Laurie @ ANDIAMO
Liz @ Ellie And Addie
Ashley @ Everything's Hunky Dorey
Nina @ The Joni Journey
Kelly @ Happily Ever Mock

1. My family.
2. Trips to Disney World.
3. Freshly painted nails, iced coffee, and thunderstorms.
4. Mornings when I manage to wake up before Aria.
5. Newly washed bedding.
6. October. It has almost all the best things of the year - Canadian Thanksgiving/autumn/Countdown to Halloween/kicks off the holiday season/pumpkins.
7. Sitting out on the back porch in the morning with Aria and the dogs, especially in the fall and winter when the temperatures are just right.
8. Breakfast. Best meal of the day in my opinion.
9. Reading and/or baking with Aria - two of my fave hobbies.
10. Movie dates with Chris.

1. Scooping cat litter.
2. Losing my cool with Aria.
3. Unloading the dishwasher.
4. Getting headaches constantly.
5. Meat that isn't well done.
6. Florida humidity and the general lack of seasons.
7. Sand.
8. Too much noise all the time - I need some quiet.
9. Cancer.
10. Losing my glasses - sunglasses in my case. I lose sunglasses more often than anything else. That's why I don't buy really expensive sunnies. I definitely look for cute and affordable when it comes to my eyewear. And, I can help you out in that department. At least with the glasses. Firmoo, an online optical store, is giving one lucky reader a pair of glasses. I have a pair of their sunglasses (and I haven't even lost them yet) that they sent me to review earlier in the year - you can find my post here. Tons of cute and affordable options. Even better if you win a pair, just enter below.

*About Prize: 
One pair of Firmoo glasses with free shipping to US from this page:
Glasses include the frames, standard 1.50 index single vision lenses. Upgraded lenses and add-ons will be charged for an extra fee.

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Second Annual Christmas in July Gift Exchange Reveal & Link Up!

Elizabeth, Jamie, Amanda, and I got together to host this year's Christmas in July gift exchange. And, today is the big reveal day! You can peek back at the original announcement here and/or the matches here.

I was matched with Ashley from Everything's Hunky Dorey this year, which just so happens to be the same partner I had last year - with the notable exception that last year Wyatt was the one and only and this year he and his little sister Stella joined in on the fun.

Here is what they sent Aria!
blogger gift exchange
blogger gift exchange
blogger gift exchange
blogger gift exchange
blogger gift exchangeblogger gift exchange
Taking her new treasures out to the living room - a Sofia outfit, purple headband, purple purse, Barbie DVD, and a Christmas book that has spinning bits.
blogger gift exchange
I'm not sure if she likes that purple headband or the spinning book better, both have been getting a lot of love. I was planning on saving them until the 25th, but my impatience won in the end. Close enough.

Thanks Wyatt, Stella, and Ashley!

Aria and I were partnered with Jude and Liz over at Ellie And Addie - pop over to her blog to see what we sent, which is another coincidence because I sent Liz a package for a Mother's Day exchange too.

If you participated in the exchange please link up your Christmas in July boxes below! And, feel free to use #xmasinjulygiftexchange to share on instagram too.