Friday, September 23, 2016

Aria's Summer Books!

Back in June I posted a list of a dozen books I was hoping I could track down to read to Aria over the Summer this year. You can find that list here! It turns out that there were two that I just could not find, but we ended up reading the remaining ten plus an extra fifty-eight.

I discovered a magical thing at the library this Summer. It is called 'putting books on hold'. I had done it for books that I wanted to read myself before, but never for children's books. It didn't occurred to me until I was trying to find a specific list for Aria. But, it is a game changer! I add a whole bunch to my hold queue and when they come in I just go pick them up. I love it. Now that our "Summer Reading" is over I have about 40 in my queue for Autumn and Halloween. I'm excited to pick those ones up next.

I am going to share our whole list and also let you know which were our most favorite. We really loved a few of them and they've since been added to Aria's book wish-list.

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Children's Books, Summer Reading for Three Year Old

16. Stuck
43. Pool
63. Quest
67. Tea Rex

The ones Aria loved the most were:
7. A Fine Dessert - Chris wasn't a fan of this one, so naturally Aria had him read it nightly

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Week 30 (Baby #2)

Sweet Turtle Soup - Week 30 (Baby #2)

How far along - 30 weeks, due November 30th.

Gender - A little gentleman.

Cravings - Naps.

Aversions - Whatever happens to give me heartburn. It's a constant flip of the coin.

Best moment - Dragging out the Halloween/Fall decorations box!

Looking forward to - Any coolness to the air that nature wants to give me. I keep seeing fall outfits pop up on social media and it tricks me into thinking that when I walk outside there will be a coolness to the air. There isn't.

Miss anything - Not having heartburn, especially not waking up in the middle of the night from it.

Movement - Tons. I'm waiting for a lopsided tummy. I always thought that was too funny.

Other pregnancy symptoms - The top symptom this week is heartburn and acid reflux. It is awful and keeps waking me up at night or keeps me from falling to sleep. Still tired all of the time. I deep clean the house before I decorate, so my back is not so happy with me about that. Nausea if I wait too long to have breakfast in the mornings. And, the running to the bathroom has really ramped up. Definitely the most annoying symptom.

I had my 3 hour glucose test at the end of last week. I ended up in a wheelchair because I felt just terrible and dizzy. I also forgot to bring the book I made a mental note to borrow from the library. So, I felt just super cool sitting in a wheelchair doing nothing except being wheeled in and out to do the many blood draws. I haven't heard back yet about the results. I'm hoping that means I passed this time. Aria and I made a batch of pumpkin spice chocolate chip cookies over the weekend just in case I fail. They are my favorite fall treat and I didn't want to miss out if I ended up not able to have any!

Aria's thoughts - Nothing new or notable this week.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The End of Summer

It is becoming more and more apparent that summer is at a close. I wish it were more apparent in the weather, but I have my fingers crossed that it will be soon. And, even I am caught off guard by how quickly September is passing. Not two weeks until the start of October, and the first day of Autumn is mere days away. On the one hand I can't wait, but on the other I am a little behind with my to do list.

A combination of the quick passing of time and being a little bit more pregnant every day has left me with an incomplete summer bucket list. Normally not finishing a list makes me cringe, but in this instance I'm just letting it go. It doesn't even bother me in the slightest, which is completely unlike me.

Instead of sharing the fun we might have had in St. Augustine (pregnancy exhaustion put those plans on hold) or from visiting a splash pad (too many rainy days squashed those plans), I thought I would do a quick summer wrap up. Memories were made, a great many naps were taken, and many hours in the water were logged. And, even though I could use a wee bit more energy most days I am trying to savor all the moments we have left as a family of three.

So what were we up to this summer...

We checked off 10 of 12 from our Summer Bucket List.
Sweet Turtle Soup - The End of Summer Wrap Up

A lot of time was spent in pools both large and small.
Sweet Turtle Soup - The End of Summer Wrap Up
Sweet Turtle Soup - The End of Summer Wrap Up
Sweet Turtle Soup - The End of Summer Wrap Up
Sweet Turtle Soup - The End of Summer Wrap Up

We celebrated the Fourth of July.
Sweet Turtle Soup - The End of Summer Wrap Up

And, we celebrated Christmas in July.
Sweet Turtle Soup - The End of Summer Wrap Up

Sometimes it rained. A lot.
Sweet Turtle Soup - The End of Summer Wrap Up
Sweet Turtle Soup - The End of Summer Wrap Up
I did a bit of growing.
Sweet Turtle Soup - The End of Summer Wrap Up
Sweet Turtle Soup - The End of Summer Wrap Up

But, most of the time we entertained ourselves around home while I tried to keep myself from melting in the heat.
Sweet Turtle Soup - The End of Summer Wrap Up
Sweet Turtle Soup - The End of Summer Wrap Up
Sweet Turtle Soup - The End of Summer Wrap Up
Sweet Turtle Soup - The End of Summer Wrap Up
Sweet Turtle Soup - The End of Summer Wrap Up
Sweet Turtle Soup - The End of Summer Wrap Up

I love that this kid has a blast no matter what season it is. Here is to cramming in all the fun we can manage for her last few weeks as an only child!

Monday, September 19, 2016

$10 at Target - September

Welcome to this month's $10 at Target challenge! It's simple enough to join in - take yourself to Target with 10 bucks of fun money and see what you can find. Then take a picture of your haul and let us know if you came in on budget by linking up below.

Sweet Turtle Soup: $10 at Target
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I've been waiting for this $10 at Target for months! I couldn't get myself to Target fast enough when I heard they put out the fall/Halloween goodies in the dollar section. To celebrate our Countdown to Halloween (look for this year's announcement next week!) I like to put a few treats in Aria's pumpkin for her to find on October mornings. Things like Halloween pajamas, a couple new Halloween books, and usually a few random things from Target. This year's haul is probably the most I've ever gotten for her pumpkin. Can't stop myself! And, it was fate when I picked up ten things exactly. Although, I'm not sure yet what we will do with the little pumpkin and cauldron mini buckets. Thoughts?

Here is this month's festive $10 at Target shopping spree:
Sweet Turtle Soup: $10 at Target - September

How'd we do on the budget?
Sweet Turtle Soup: $10 at Target - September
$10.12! Since I had ten $1 items I knew I would be over after taxes and such, but I also didn't care. Give me all the festive Halloween things! We've been back to Target several times and I would have no problem filling up a cart now that the Halloween section of the store is all stocked up. I just love this time of the year.

Sweet Turtle Soup

If you joined in with us for this month's $10 at Target challenge please link up below. And, mark your calendars for the next challenge link up on October 17th.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Week 29 (Baby #2)

pregnancy, hump day bump day
top - PinkBlush // leggings - Gap

How far along - 29 weeks, due November 30th.

Gender - A little gentleman.

Cravings - A nice glass of wine.

Aversions - Happy to report, nothing.

Best moment - Aria has taken to snuggling up next to me when she watches a movie now. It's definitely a new thing. She always sat on the rocking chair before for any TV or movie time. I can't get enough of it. Plus, it is easier for me to close my eyes if she is next to me.

Looking forward to - The weekend. Chris started a new job and it has already been the longest week ever because of his new longer hours.

Miss anything - Room to put my laptop on my lap.

Movement - Yup. And, I felt hiccups for the first time! I never did with Aria. Chris felt them too, so he finally got to feel something.

Other pregnancy symptoms - Tired, especially when I have a restless night or Aria needs help going to the bathroom three times in one night. Thankfully three is unusual. Headaches. Bending over is not ideal, or shaving. And, bouts of nausea out of the blue. Also I failed the 1 hour. By a smidgen. So, I get to go back for the 3 hour. Lucky me.

Aria's thoughts - The same as usual. Gives the belly hugs, kisses, and rubs it. Tells every person ever that she is going to have a baby brother. Asks if baby brother is thirsty whenever I get water, or hungry when we eat.

Chris just moved Aria's car seat to the other side of the car and installed the infant car seat behind my seat. More room behind me. Aria is super excited about the idea of sitting next to her baby brother in a few months.